June 24, 2024

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Unthinkable: Volunteers who helped clean up Parnita were beaten and stabbed

A group of volunteers helping to clean up Mount Parnitha were brutally attacked. The “good deed” almost cost them their lives.

According to related posts on the “Mountains of Greece” Instagram account, a violent incident, fortunately without tragic consequences, occurred on Friday 24/05 when a group of people decided to help the organization “Save Your Hood” by collecting garbage in the western territory of Parnitha. Since the action was expected to continue the next day, some volunteers decided to spend the night in an abandoned building opposite the Κρύα Πηγή Φυλής camp.

However, at night two cars with 7-8 young people arrived at the scene and began to “bully” two young men, 33 and 32 years old, asking where they were from. When the volunteers explained to them that they were clearing the mountain, the young people seemed to leave. Ten minutes later they returned to the scene and began beating and stabbing the volunteers before they could react.

One of the three volunteers received 3 stab wounds in the back and one in the shoulder, and unknown assailants also broke his nose during the bloody massacre and then fled the scene in their vehicle. With the help of another volunteer who bandaged his wounds, the young man escaped the worst of it and returned home after a short hospitalization. ELAS is conducting an investigation to identify and arrest the perpetrators.


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