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For the savage beating of a woman because of parking, the accused received a 2-year suspended sentence

A 38-year-old man who brutally beat a 44-year-old woman for parking was given a two-year prison sentence with a three-year probationary period in Larisa.

The Larissa Mixed Court of Appeal found him guilty of causing dangerous (but not grievous) bodily harm, tells newsbeast.gr. The jury, agreeing with the request of the defendant's defense, voted with a majority against the judges' decision (votes 4 – 3), as a result of which the charge was reduced.

The incident occurred shortly before 6.30 pm on September 29, 2017, the newspaper reports. A woman, returning from work and waiting for a relative, tried to temporarily park her car in front of the entrance to a parking lot owned by the accused in a multi-story building on one of the central streets of Larisa. There was a 38-year-old man at the entrance to the building, waiting for a moving company to deliver his belongings.

The verbal altercation took on somewhat different dimensions after, according to the indictment, “the defendant punched the victim in the face,” “who, due to the surprise and severity of the blows, lost her balance and ended up on the ground.” And the defendant “continued to strike her with particular cruelty, with fists and feet: on the skull, face, neck, throat, back of the head, chest, stomach and cervical spine.” When the victim managed to get up, the accused struck her in the face again, knocking her to the ground. After bystanders managed to pull him away from the victim, and the latter was already bleeding from her mouth and nose, the accused kicked her again.

The indictment details the injuries the woman suffered as a result of the beating and the surgery she underwent to restore her health. The victim testified during the hearing about what she had to endure that day, and the lawyer representing the absent defendant noted that his client beat the woman, but not with the same “intensity” as the victim described.

The district attorney recommended that the defendant be found guilty on the aggravated assault indictment, but four jurors voted in a majority vote against three judges. As a result, the charge was reduced, and the defendant, unanimously found guilty, received 2 years of imprisonment, suspended for 3 years after admitting mitigating circumstances.

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