June 24, 2024

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Ukraine again asks for Patriots and S-300

Athens is preparing a new list, including both old and new requests from Kyiv for military assistance from the reserves of the Greek armed forces. The new Ukrainian requests do not concern the Greek arsenal, but are addressed to all NATO partners providing material support to Kyiv.

From the last very long list, what concerns Greece are missiles and shells for anti-aircraft systems, Patriot and S-300 complexes, spare parts for F-16 fighters and, of course, the F-16s themselves, if possible, RM-70 launchers , engineering equipment, Harpoon anti-ship systems, artillery shells (caliber 155, 152, 122 and 102 mm), mortar and tank shells (caliber 125, 120, 105, 30, 35 and 40 mm). Athens, of course, intends to continue to provide assistance to Kyiv, but without compromising the deterrent power of the Greek armed forces. In other words, not providing anti-aircraft systems before they are replaced with new ones.

Yesterday, Kyiv also announced the signing of a security agreement with Greece in the near future.

The Mitsotakis government will sign a secret defense agreement with V. Zelensky

Athens News previously reported that both the Ukrainians and their Western allies are already trying to find solutions that will help Kyiv stop the Russian offensive, and are also discussing the transfer of anti-aircraft ammunition available in Greece, which can be transferred for use in the systems already provided to the Ukrainians.

It is worth recalling that Athens, in addition to the weapons and ammunition already provided, uses the method of interstate contracts with the United States and the Czech Republic, which purchase ammunition and other materials on behalf of Kyiv, in favor of the budget of the Ministry of National Defense.

The pressure from Kyiv is certainly not transitory and at this stage is related to the new Russian offensive on various fronts and the difficulties faced by Ukrainian troops in repelling Moscow's forces.

However, in general, a positive atmosphere remains between Athens and Kiev, as confirmed by yesterday's telephone conversation between Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. According to Maxim's mansion, the Prime Minister confirmed that Greece will continue to support Ukraine and accepted the official invitation conveyed to him by Mr. Zelensky to accept participation in the Peace Conference in Ukraine, which will take place on June 15 and 16 in Burggenstock, Switzerland. Mitsotakis confirmed that Greece supports Ukraine's European course, following the relevant decisions of the European Council last December.

The Burgenstock conference, which will be attended by Mr Mitsotakis and organized by Kiev with the assistance of the Swiss government, will be an event whose main purpose is to highlight key principles, such as the path to sustainable peace in Ukraine, in accordance with the UN Charter and international law .

Yesterday, the Verkhovna Rada also announced the signing of a security agreement with Greece in the near future (on multi-year support for Ukrainian forces and a “window” for industrial cooperation after the war) after a meeting in Kyiv of the Deputy Director of the Office of the President of Ukraine Igor Zhovkva and the Special Envoy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Ukraine Spyros Labridis . The Ukrainian president's statement said Zhovkva thanked Greece for its “continuous support and significant assistance to the country, including defense assistance since the beginning of the Russian invasion.” At the same time, he called for new assistance based on “the current needs of Ukrainian soldiers.” Labridis and Zhovkva agreed that negotiations on signing a bilateral security agreement should be completed in the near future.

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