June 24, 2024

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The defeat of the Russian S-400 complex by American ATACMS in the Donetsk region

Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine published a video that captured the moment the Russian S-400 system was destroyed by American-made tactical ballistic missiles.

The Russian S-400 complex was located in the Mospinsky district of the Donetsk region. Even though the Russians were the first to fire anti-ballistic missiles, they failed to shoot down the ATACMS. This is due to the peculiarities of the movement of these missiles with constant and unpredictable changes in direction and altitude.


As a result, 2 quad launchers of S-300/400 anti-aircraft missiles were destroyed, one launcher of S-300/400 anti-aircraft missiles was damaged, and the 96L6E radar station was destroyed. The control point for the S400 anti-aircraft missile system was also destroyed. The strike took place yesterday afternoon; the complex was located 40 km from the front line.



On Thursday evening, Russian military targets in Crimea were hit by the same type of missiles. At least eight missiles were fired from the area to the north and north-west, and an unknown number of missiles penetrated Russian air defense systems and hit targets.


As shown in the video below, Russian air defense systems attempted to intercept them, but based on the explosions on the ground, the degree of success is unknown.


The video shows four explosions of an apparently equal number of American missiles hitting a specific target with amazing accuracy.

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