June 22, 2024

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Lamia tragedy: woman gored by goat dies from rare infection

Residents of the Greek city of Lamia are shocked by the unprecedented incident. An 80-year-old woman who spent a week in hospital after being “attacked” by a goat has passed away.

According to lamianow.gr, the elderly woman died not from wounds inflicted by aggressive animals, but from a severe infection caused by a purulent streptococcal microbe that she contracted. According to doctors, this is a rare complication. However, according to those in the know, a year ago, a similar death was recorded in the same locality.

The unfortunate woman was admitted to the intensive care unit of Lamia Hospital after being hospitalized for three days at a private hospital. Her condition was already serious after she received a strong blow from the horns (from the armpit to the ribs). Inflammation began, then a severe respiratory infection, and eventually septic shock.

The woman spent a week in the intensive care unit of Lamia Hospital, where doctors and staff tried to cope with the situation. In the end, the unfortunate old woman failed to win the battle for life.

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