June 22, 2024

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Shock: a man in the guise of an ancient Greek hunts drivers at night

Residents of Volos are in panic – a man dressed in the outfit of an ancient Greek and armed with a bat attacks drivers.

This man terrorizes drivers traveling from Alli Meria to Portaria in the evening hours, reports magnesianews. An inadequate “ancient Greek” takes to the streets of the city and terrifies the city's residents.

According to a post from a Volos resident on social networks, “on a big left turn, going uphill from the pavilion, he jumped out from behind the trees with a bat, but I increased the speed, and… God was merciful. If I had hesitated, the bat would have hit the windshield!”

Voliotis has attracted the attention of drivers passing through the area and has not yet received any complaints to the police.

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