June 22, 2024

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Tourists pose with police officers: TikTok video goes viral

A video has gone viral on Tik Tok that shows two tourists posing with a mat to the accompaniment of Lana Del Rey's “Playing dangerous.”

Comments under the TikTok video indicate a prevailing frustration, with many writing that if they had done the same, they would likely have ended up in the bullpen. “If we had gone, we would have ended up in the bullpen, the other guy was even posing,” is one of the most typical comments on TikTok to videos of MAT and tourists.

Many of them called for an investigation into the police, but it cannot be ignored that the video was uploaded by an account with 768 followers, but received more than 800,000 views.

@yarin_ameli_shir אל תשאלו מאיפה האומץ ?? #אתונה #שוטר #goodgirlofficer ♬ original sound – daisysdays

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