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Is microwave oven harmful?

How much does heating in a microwave ultimately degrade the quality of food? The expert answered this question.

Before the advent of deep fryers, many people used a device that warmed up food very conveniently: the microwave. To this day, a microwave oven is present in almost every kitchen, since it allows you not only to heat food in a few seconds, but also to instantly defrost meat. But how much does this affect the quality of food? To date, many studies have been conducted and a wide variety of answers to this question have been given.

Nutritionist Shayla Cadogan tried to make sense of it all and give clear answers to the question: “how much food and nutritional composition is actually deteriorating.” Firstly, it is important to know that any cooking method, be it frying, boiling or frying, in one way or another affects the composition of nutrients (and even how and with what we cut vegetables). Microwave ovens use electromagnetic waves that are absorbed by various food molecules. Thus, the particles pulsate, releasing heat, warming the food from the inside. The waves used usually fall within a specific frequency range to cause a reaction. For example, it has been shown that cooking and blanching vegetables destroys vitamin C content, while the study, on the contrary, showed that microwave processing does not have such a strong effect.

There are actually some nutrients that have been proven to be preserved in the microwave. Thus carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fiber do not change or get lost when exposed to microwaves. Because microwaves typically heat at lower temperatures and require less cooking time than other methods, this Helps prevent excessive loss of nutrients.

Some data shows that sodium, potassium and phosphorus contents were maintained after microwave treatment. Foods such as sweet potatoes and carrots contain antioxidants called beta-carotene, which are better absorbed after cooking.

The same applies to lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomatoes. Some Enzyme Shifts happen because technology forces water molecules in food vibrate. But this happens with almost all cooking methods that require heat. The same applies to B vitamins such as thiamine and folic acid, since high temperatures cause loss of nutrients.

Much has been said about radiation (allegedly dangerous rays emanating from the microwave). But according to the nutritionist, standing in front of a microwave while using it is generally considered safe due to the strict standards that manufacturers must adhere to. It means that due to the design, radiation leakage to the outside is prevented.

Although complications from microwave radiation are rareThe US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still advises people not to stand close in case of a leak or damage that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Ultimately, if the microwave is used correctly, it will not alter the quality of your food or affect your overall health.

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