July 19, 2024

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Cameron: There is a proposal for a 40-day ceasefire in the Gaza Strip

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said the current proposal presented by Hamas over the Gaza war includes a 40-day ceasefire and the release of thousands of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the release of Israeli hostages.

“The current proposal presented by Hamas includes the release of potentially thousands of Palestinian prisoners.”he said. “I hope Hamas accepts this offer” he added, declaring that the war will not end until all prisoners are released. Cameron also said that the Hamas leadership and those responsible for the October 7 attack must leave Gaza. “to have a political horizon for a two-state solution.”

At the same time, Israeli media reported that Israel had reduced to 33 the number of hostages that Hamas must release in exchange for a ceasefire and the release of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.

Blinken: 'Extremely generous' Hamas ceasefire offer

Earlier, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed hope that Hamas would accept an “extremely generous” offer to end the Israeli offensive in Gaza in exchange for the release of the hostages. “Hamas has an extremely, extremely generous offer from Israel.”Blinken said in Riyadh during the World Economic Forum. “They have to make a decision and do it quickly (…). I hope they make the right decision,” – he said, addressing Hamas leaders.

Netanyahu responded to the court in The Hague

“Under my leadership, Israel will never allow any attempt by the Hague Criminal Court to undermine its fundamental right to self-defense. The threat to IDF soldiers and public figures in Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East and the only Jewish state in the world, is scandalous. We won't give in to him.

Israel will continue to pursue victory in our just war against the disgusting terrorists who seek our destruction. We will never stop defending ourselves. While the decisions of the Hague Tribunal will not affect Israel's actions, they will set a dangerous precedent that will threaten the soldiers and public figures of every democracy that fights criminal terrorism and dangerous aggression.”

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