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The bodies of Shani Luk and two other Israelis abducted on October 7 were found (video)

The bodies of three kidnapped Israelis killed on October 7 and taken dead to Gaza were discovered by IDF soldiers.

Among them is Shani Luk, personnel with kidnapping which then flew around the world, as well as Amit Buskila (28 years old) and Yitzhak Gelernter (56 years old). They were on the list of hostages kidnapped by Hamas, the Israel Defense Forces said. All three were kidnapped on October 7 during attacks Hamas at the Supernova festival. According to local media reports, the bodies were found in a Hamas tunnel.

Around 1,200 people were killed in the unprecedented attack on October 7, 2023. reminds Air Force when Hamas militants broke into Israel. They took another 252 people to Gaza as hostages.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the news of the discovery of the hostages' bodies “heartbreaking”: “We will return all our hostages, both living and deceased,” he said.

The IDF said in a statement that the bodies were discovered during an operation at night, and the military acted on intelligence received during the “interrogation of terrorists” detained in the Gaza Strip.

The student, Shani Luk, was 22 years old and a citizen of Israel and Germany. The day after the Hamas attack, footage appeared online of a half-dressed girl lying unconscious in a truck. One of the militants in the video puts his foot on her, the others spit on her.

Later, the mother recognized the girl by the tattoos on her legs and dreadlocks. The Israeli Foreign Ministry said that the girl was tortured and paraded in the Gaza Strip. Israeli President Isaac Herzog said in an interview with German television channel Welt that Palestinian militants cut off her head.

The fate of the other two victims has not been known since October 7. The Israeli Hostage Families Forum said they “bow their heads in deep sorrow, their hearts broken after the announcement of the murders of Shani Luk, Yitzhak Gelernter and Amit Bouskila by Hamas terrorists. May their memory be blessed.”

Under an agreement reached in November, Hamas released 105 hostages in exchange for a week-long ceasefire and the release of about 240 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons. It is unclear how many of the missing are still alive. Negotiations for further releases of hostages have continued for many months and have now reached a dead end.

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