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Highway E65: how long does the Athens-Kalambaka journey take, toll

Today, Tuesday 23 April, two additional sections of the E65 were opened, making it possible to transform it into a modern motorway stretching 137 kilometers from Lamia to Kalambaka.

The driver will be able to take the highway going west from the town of Lamia, drive up and drive through the area of ​​Lianokladi, Karpenisi, as well as the cities of Domokos, Sofades, Karditsa, Trikala and end up in Kalambaka.

The road from Lamia to Kalambaka will take approximately one hour (travel by car 8.2 euros). If we add to this amount approximately 15 euros from Athens to Lamia, then the Athens-Kalambaka trip will cost approximately 23 euros.

With the commissioning of two new sections of the E65 and Athens-Trikala highways, it will be possible to travel in 3 hours of safe and comfortable driving. The entire length of the road will have two lanes + a safety lane for each traffic flow. Essentially the driver will use the national road from Athens (i.e. Nea Odos) and in the area of ​​Anteli (about 205 km) he will enter the axis of the central road. From there, he will travel another 110 kilometers until he reaches the town of Trikala, and about 10 more to reach Kalambaka. This means that a distance of 325 kilometers can be covered in 3 hours and 10 minutes at a normal driving pace.

Each driver has access to a range of road safety and maintenance services:

A) 24-hour traffic safety patrol
B) 4-digit 24-hour emergency number 1075.
C) Customer Service Phone: 801 700 7000.
D) Free roadside assistance in case of immobilization

Tolls apply in the Karpenisi junction area and in the Anavra area.

E65 became the third vertical vector of mainland Greece. In the west is the axis of the Ionian Road (Antirrio-Ioannina), and in the east is the Athens-Thessaloniki axis. The route is a very beautiful route with impressive scenery. Almost along the entire route, the highway runs parallel to the new electrified high-speed railway line.

The big advantage of the E65 is the connection between East and West. The ports of Igoumenitsa and Volos are also connected via E65. The highway provides easy access to the regions of Western Macedonia and Eastern Epirus.

After completion of the northern section of the E65 motorway will connect directly with Egnatia Odos and will become one of the most important roads of the country, since its natural continuation and end is the vertical axis of Siatista-Kristallopighi, a highway that has been completed and is operational since mid-2017

For example, the Athens-Grevena route will take 4 hours, and the required time to Metsovo or Kastoria will be reduced to 4.5 hours. At the same time, the neighboring countries of Albania and North Macedonia are moving closer together through E65 and the vertical axis Siatista-Kristallopighi.

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