May 27, 2024

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Tourist season opens on Skiathos island

The development of tourism in Skiathos is the basis of the municipality's strategy, the island's mayor Thodoris Tsoumas emphasized at a special event held in Athens.

In particular, he explained that the municipality of Skiathos, in an effort to differentiate itself in the tourism sector, as well as to develop a sustainable and modern strategy based on future trends and international standards, has collaborated with the World Tourism Organization (UN Tourism), which acts as technical consultant to the municipality for the tourism industry.

Skiathos became the first region of Greece who applied for scientific assistance from the UN Tourism Committee, in order to further develop correctly in this regard. Recently, the island's authorities strengthened its relationship with the organization, thanks to the participation of the municipality in the international conference “TOURISM FOR ALL”, organized by the World Tourism Organization, the Ministry of Tourism of San Marino and the Ministry of Tourism of Italy.

“We set an example, but we were informed about best practices at the international level,” emphasized the Mayor of Skiathos, Mr. Thodoris Tsoumas. – Skiathos Municipality included plan accessibility into your policy as a priority. The issues that concern people with disabilities and vulnerable social groups in general are issues of dignity and culture.”

But the municipality's awareness does not end there. Recently, the implementation of the Zero Waste Rota project began with comprehensive actions to waste reductiongenerated on the tourist boats of Skiathos and on the beaches they visit, by taking preventive measures and optimal sorting at source of recyclables or other materials.

Meanwhile, the municipality is taking actions that promote alternative tourism, including the creation of walking and cycling paths. In fact, as of 2020, the municipality received the “Bicycle Friendly” label. The award is issued by the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Environment and Energy, together with the Ministry of Transport. According to data collected by the municipality, 250,000 people arrived by air from abroad to the island in 2023 from May to October. And another 200,000 people, mostly Greeks, arrived on the island by ferry.

In 2024, the tourist season began on April 1, earlier than in any other year, with a flight from Milan, followed by a flight from Paris on April 6.

Skiathos receives 13 flights a week from the UK with Jet2, with EasyJet adding a further 7 flights this year. As the mayor of Skiathos noted, in 2024, residents of 38 cities from 17 countries are expected to visit the island. Skiathos also takes into account the arrival of sailing boats. This will also be facilitated by the expansion of the pier: from the current 120 berths, their number will reach 450. The project is expected to be put up for auction in early 2025.

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