May 30, 2024

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Father arrested for sexually assaulting 5-year-old daughter

A five-year-old girl complained of pain in the anus and was taken to ΤΖΑΝΕΙΟ Hospital for examination at noon on Saturday April 13th.

During a conversation with a doctor in the presence of her mother, the child admitted that the pain arose after her father’s nightly “molestation” in this part of her body; he mocked her. After this, the hospital activated the appropriate protocol, reported the incident to the police by calling 100 and to the prosecutor’s office to begin a preliminary investigation.

The baby was scheduled for a forensic medical examination, and on the same day DNA was taken at the hospital for laboratory comparative studies. The girl's underwear was confiscated.

On Saturday evening, the criminal was detained, his mobile phone was found and confiscated, writes The man was taken to the Piraeus Security Sub-Directorate, then to the Police Department, and on Monday he will be brought before the prosecutor. On Saturday evening, the prosecutor of the Piraeus criminal prosecution was informed of all the materials of the preliminary investigation.

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