July 13, 2024

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Russia has identified four German bridges for a “retaliatory strike” for the Crimean bridge

In the Vesti Nedeli program, Dmitry Kiselyov responded to Russia’s wiretapping of German officers. He presented an infographic with four German bridges that could become a retaliatory target if Ukraine attacks the Crimean Bridge with German Taurus missiles.

He listed:

  • Fehmarnsund Bridge
  • Rügen Bridge
  • Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne
  • Magdeburg Water Bridge

“There’s a lot to look at through a missile sight,” he said. – It will be a pity, but what to do? They don’t feel sorry for our Crimean Bridge. I am sure that after the published audio recording of the meeting of Bundeswehr generals with the goal of destroying our Crimean Bridge, our General Staff will conduct its reconnaissance regarding similar retaliatory targets in Germany. High-precision hypersound will solve the problem inevitably. Well, why on earth? Our beautiful Crimean Bridge was built by the whole country; it became an inspiration, a transport artery and an architectural masterpiece. And suddenly some half-baked Germans are sitting and aiming at him.”

As BILD columnist Franziska Ringleben notes, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has several times rejected the possibility of supplying Taurus missiles to Ukraine in recent days. But this does not stop Russia from escalating the situation around this topic. “This type of propaganda shows that the possible use of Taurus missiles seems to worry Putin more than expected,” writes the BILD journalist.

However, as a response from the Russian Federation, judging by the reaction of BILD.

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