June 12, 2024

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Clean Monday: how will those who work on this day be paid?

Clean Monday is not one of the official holidays defined by law for private sector workers.

General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) and the Confederation’s Workers and Unemployment Support Information Center (KEPEA/GSEE) have provided clarification on how private sector workers who will be working on Clean Monday (18 March 2024) are paid off. However, the activities (work and rest) of private business in our country may be interpreted slightly differently if Clean Monday is declared a holiday by a special provision of the law, a provision of a collective agreement, regulations of the enterprise, a business habit and/or common practice during which the business this day remains closed.

In the event that employees do not work, according to the above, their wages will not be reduced, and those who are paid a daily wage are entitled to receive it (Art. 2 par. 3 ND 3755/1955).

If the company this year works as an exception and in previous years didn’t workthen with full employment, workers have the right to increase wages by 1/25. And along with the daily wage, they will also receive a 75% bonus for working on holidays.

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