June 12, 2024

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A calf with two faces was born in the USA (video)

A rather rare event occurred on an American farm in Louisiana – a calf with two faces was born. He has two noses, four eyes and two mouths.

How tells Associated Press, the newborn was named Deux Face, which means “double face” or “two-faced” in French. The calf is now almost two weeks old, and farm owner Don Brough said it was a miracle that it was born alive. He says: “The calf will probably have a short life and only live a few days.”

Most calves with polycephaly* are stillborn, he said, and the chance is 1 in 400 million. Some animals live for several hours or days. Polycephaly occurs as a result of incomplete division of one embryo or incomplete fusion of two separate embryos. The condition is characterized by the presence of several heads. Polycephaly is most common in reptiles – especially snakes and turtles.

The Deux Face calf has weak legs and cannot walk independently. His double muzzle makes it difficult for him to lift his head. Farm workers feed him from a bottle. Don Bro says:

“Deux Face is a girl. She does not appear to be suffering or in pain. We are constantly monitoring her. She has overcome many difficulties, but only time will tell her future. We hope for the best, but are preparing for the worst.”

He added that the animal is not for sale, and for the sake of its peace, farmers do not allow visitors and journalists to see it.

*From time to time, two- and even three-headed individuals are actually born, both in the wild and in captivity. An interesting fact is that this phenomenon, known as polycephaly, occurs in various animal species.

A calf with two heads was born in North Macedonia

But it’s not just calves that are born with two heads, look:


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