May 27, 2024

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Clean Monday: what the weather will be like in the next three days

The three days of Clean Monday are approaching, and many have planned a short vacation. Forecasters said what the weather will be like these days.

According to meteorologist Georgios Tsatrafillias, the instability of the three rest days does not seem to be an obstacle to carnival events in 5 major cities. “You will be able to relax without any problems, both in nature (in forest parks and mountains) and at sea. The air temperature will be close to normal for the season (+16-18°).

On Clean Monday there will be favorable windy weather, good for flying kites (northwest, 4-6 on the Beaufort scale),” the expert notes in his post.

Meteorologist Clearhos Marousakis emphasizes: “On Sunday 17/03 we expect increased weather instability in the afternoon, but without major problems, so carnival events will not face significant problems. And on Clean Monday the weather will return to normal and kite flying will go “excellently.”

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