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Putin: We want to negotiate about the future of Ukraine, but not with cocaine addict Zelensky

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an interview to journalist Dmitry Kiselev, in which he literally exploded about V. Zelensky and the West’s policy towards Russia. He said that he was ready for negotiations, but not with V. Zelensky, who is under the influence of drugs and substances.

The President of the country gave a large-scale interview to the General Director of the International Media Group “Russia Today” Dmitry Kiselev to clarify the issues that remained or arose after the address to the Federal Assembly on February 29. The Russian president has not only been indifferent to what Russia will do regarding NATO, but is actually warning Finland of what it will face: “We didn’t have troops there (on the border with Finland), now we are moving them. There were no destruction systems there, now they will appear.”

But what was especially striking was what he actually said about V. Zelensky and any negotiations with him on Ukraine: Russia is ready for negotiations on Ukraine, but they must be based on reality, not on post-psychotropic wishes.

About smart and dangerous opponents

The West acts not only against Russia, but also to its own detriment. “In their own countries, they also fool people, and this has an effect, – noted the President of the Russian Federation. – In many countries they believe that this is in their interests, because they do not want to have on their borders such a huge country as Russia – the largest in the world in terms of territory, the largest in Europe in terms of population. <…> And now it’s the fifth largest economy in the world. Why do we need such a competitor?”

According to the head of Russia, in the USA and Europe, probably, “We were even happy” when Russia began to undertake “attempts to stop the war unleashed by the West in Ukraine since 2014 by force, when they switched to a special military operation.” But subsequent events showed that the scenarios of Moscow’s “strategic defeat” nurtured by Western leaders are unrealistic. “Instead of strategic defeat, they are faced with powerlessness <…> before the unity of the Russian people, before the fundamental foundations of the Russian financial and economic system, its stability and before the growing capabilities of the armed forces,” – the head of the Russian Federation emphasized.

This is why they began to remember the negotiations more often: “Those who are smarter began to think that it would be necessary to change some kind of strategy regarding the Russian Federation.”

“These are dangerous people, by the way”Putin warned. “With us, remember what they said in Rus’? — the president turned to history and folklore. — For some, happiness at the everyday level consisted of: being well-fed, drunk and with tobacco on your nose. It’s easier with people like this. Full, drunk – that is, full, drunk. The nose is covered in tobacco because they used snuff. Your nose is covered in cocaine now, right? But it doesn’t matter, it’s easier with these.”

“It’s more difficult with smart people, they are more dangerous, because they influence the consciousness of society, including ours. They will throw out all sorts of their “wants” in the guise of carrots for us. You already drew attention to this when you asked a question about the possibility of a negotiation process “But nevertheless, this is where the contradictions within the Western community arose. This is an obvious thing, we see it. We are not going to engage in splits there; they themselves will do that brilliantly. But we will certainly ensure that our interests are respected,” – the head of state repeated once again.


Putin: Russia is open to peaceful initiatives. But unfriendly countries talk about this only when they need to. You shouldn’t fall for such tricks. We were promised a lot of things, so promises alone are not enough. Now to negotiate just because they are running out of ammunition is somehow ridiculous on our part.”

A few main points

  • The negotiations will not be another pause allowing Kyiv to rearm, but a serious discussion with security guarantees for Russia.
  • Military personnel from Western countries have been present in Ukraine for a long time; now they are present in the form of advisers and mercenaries.
  • The presence of official foreign forces in Ukraine will not change the situation on the battlefield.
  • Poland wants to regain those territories that it considers historically its own and which were transferred to Ukraine.
  • If Poland sends troops into Ukraine, they will not leave.
  • It is easier to negotiate with those whose noses are clogged with cocaine than with smart, dangerous people who influence the consciousness of society.
  • British and American missiles cause damage to Russia, but they do not change the situation on the battlefield.
  • Control over the front line has completely passed to the Russian army, everyone admits this.

Nuclear war

“Are we really ready for nuclear war?” – Dmitry Kiselev addressed the head of the Russian Federation.

“From a military-technical point of view, we are, of course, ready,” he confirmed. “They [вооружения] We are constantly in a state of combat readiness. This is the first, and second, and this is also a generally recognized thing, our triad, the nuclear triad, it is more modern than any other. And only we and the Americans have such triads, in fact. And we have made much more progress here. Ours is more modern – the entire nuclear component. In general, in terms of carriers and charges, we have approximately parity, but ours is more modern. Everyone knows this, specialists know everything.”

At the same time, Moscow is skeptical about the idea of ​​nuclear tests as a show of force. Although Putin admitted that if the United States decides to do this, we will take similar measures. “If they conduct such tests, I don’t exclude it, it’s not necessary, we need it, we don’t need it, we still need to think about it, but I don’t exclude that we can do the same,” – he said. And he emphasized: “Weapons exist to be used. We have our own principles.”

However, the Russian president noted that Moscow has never faced the need to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. “Why do we need weapons of mass destruction? There has never been such a need,” he answered a question about the possibility of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

The fate of any country that attacked Russia would be “much more tragic”than what our country may face, Putin noted. “They must understand that we also have weapons that can defeat them on their own territory.”he added, explaining that such an aggressive step could provoke the use of nuclear weapons. “Don’t they understand this?” – he asked, expressing the opinion that “Russophobia blinds people and deprives them of the ability to reason.”

Putin then warned NATO countries they risked a nuclear conflict if they sent troops to Ukraine, adding that Russia must strengthen its Western military sector after Finland and Sweden joined the Alliance. Visibly angry, he called on Western politicians to remember the fate of Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler and France’s Napoleon Bonaparte, both of whom unsuccessfully invaded his country in the past. “But now the consequences will be much more tragic,” – Putin said.

“I chose strong words.” World media reacted to Putin’s interview

Vladimir Putin, in an interview with Dmitry Kiselev, spoke about the future of Russia and its relations with the West. The Russian leader’s statements attracted the attention of the world media. Some (mainly British) media resources saw some “threats” in them. Others were embarrassed to distort the meaning of Putin’s speech and simply took it seriously.

  • Daily Express:
    Putin issued a terrifying warning that Russia is ready to nuke the West.
  • Daily Mail:
    Today Vladimir Putin announced his readiness for nuclear war if the United States deploys troops in Ukraine.
  • Bloomberg:
    Vladimir Putin told the state news agency that “realities on the ground” must form the basis of any negotiations.
  • Le Parisien:
    The words he chooses are strong and even a little threatening.
  • China News:
    When asked whether Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons during the Ukrainian conflict, Vladimir Putin replied that the country has clear principles.
  • Haber7:
    The President called Sweden and Finland’s membership in NATO a senseless step.

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