May 30, 2024

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French soldiers do not want to go to the Ukrainian "carnage"

Macron may be jealous of Napoleon and call for troops to be sent to Ukraine to strike Russia, but the unease within the ranks of the French army is obvious, and they are now openly telling the French media that fighting the Russians is essentially madness.

French magazine Marianne reported that French soldiers would not follow E. Macron in the war with Russia. Moreover, the publication reports that in personal conversations with soldiers, they speak particularly harshly about the quality of French forces against Russian ones: “Don’t make the mistake of finding yourself face to face with the Russians, we are the supporting army in front of them!”

One French officer said sending troops to Ukraine was absurd and such talk was pushing French forces to breaking point.

Zelensky allowed Macron not to send troops into Ukraine. The French are shocked. The Ukrainian president said that the French army can remain on the territory of its state as long as Ukraine holds out, reports Le Figaro. At the same time, he expressed gratitude to Emmanuel Macron for his diplomatic involvement. Here’s what readers think about it:

  • Christian Pasnotte
    Is this the new commander-in-chief of the French army? Who does this grotesque character think he is?
  • Marche a terre
    How kind of him to allow our soldiers not to die for a foreign country. They have already given everything to Mali. We know the result.
  • Saint Dre
    I find Zelensky somewhat unpleasant. He could at least express gratitude to the hand that feeds him.
  • Khander
    Yes, this is a joke! And Macron kneels before this… What a pity.
  • PA75
    It seems to me that no one elected Zelensky as president of our republic in 2022… Then what right does he have to express his opinion about the possible sending of young Frenchmen to Ukraine?
  • Nointerest
    What audacity! This monsieur definitely thinks of himself as a very important man! What an impudence!
  • Lahaie
    Even Zelensky doesn’t need French troops! A lonely moment for our military leader. He can always send them to Marseilles or somewhere else, as a last resort.

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