June 25, 2024

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A sharp drop in the level of trust in ND and an increase in support for right-wing parties in Interview polls

An Interview poll on voting intentions in the European elections shows a sharp drop in support for the ruling New Democracy party.

In the question “If we had European elections next Sunday, which party would you vote for?”, ND received 24.7%, and undecided – 15.1%.

“The Greek solution” received 10.2%, Niki – 4.2% and Spartans – 1.5%.

If this trend continues, the share of right-wing parties on the ballot will exceed 20%, and the big question is whether Ilias Kasidiaris will have time to become active and whether a party expressing his position will emerge.

If this happens, we could see percentages close to 25% for three or even four right-wing parties.

The law on LGBTQ+ marriages and the adoption of children by them causes enormous electoral damage to ND, while the topic related to the train accident in Tempi, on the contrary, does not give opposition votes.

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As the poll shows, there is a strong possibility that the Greek Solution will become the second party at this point.

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