April 16, 2024

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Who is the 36-year-old prisoner who ordered the terrorist attacks from Domokos prison?

According to police, the central person behind the attacks, which were investigated by the anti-terrorism service, is believed to be a 36-year-old Domokos prison inmate serving a sentence for armed bank robberies.

He has been known to authorities for at least the last decade and was arrested in September 2021 after a string of armed bank robberies, the latest of which took place on Mitropoleos Street.

At the time, surveillance cameras recorded his movements, and in fact the tattoo on his left arm gave him away. According to reports from those days, during his arrest he stated that he was “anarchist-terrorist”.

Robbery in Petralona

A few days after his arrest, he was identified as the perpetrator of the armed robbery of a bank branch in Petralona in August 2021. It was this bank that on January 25, 2024 became target of explosionfor which the Revenge Partnership organization took responsibility.

The acceptance notice stated, among other things, that “The key reason why we decided to attack this bank at 115 Three Saints in Petralona is the appeal of a fellow anarchist on 2/2/2024 in the context of practical solidarity. This bank was the first financial target of his action, in order to continue the conscious path of illegality that he chose, “knocking out” his license from the Larisa prison, without returning to captivity, with dignity deciding to continue on the path of freedom and armed struggle.”

Orders from prison

An imprisoned anarchist, Domokos, allegedly in collaboration with three also imprisoned criminals, ordered bomb attacks and threats against judges from inside the prison. According to the statement ELASfive cases have been solved so far:

  1. sending a booby-trapped envelope with explosives to the Thessaloniki courthouse, which was discovered on 02/12/2024,
  2. explosion of an improvised explosive device in a bank branch in Petralona 01/25/2024,
  3. explosion of an improvised explosive device on 11/13/2023 in a complex of buildings in Kifissia where the company is located,
  4. throwing a grenade on 07/08/2023 at a car belonging to a prison officer that was parked in the parking lot of a residential building in Haidari;
  5. throwing a grenade and exploding an improvised explosive device on 06/24/2023 in the courtyard of a house in Larisa.

In connection with his arrest on September 27, 2021, the police announced the following:

“Arrested at noon on Monday, September 27, 2021, in Attica, a 33-year-old citizen, a prison escapee who committed bank robberies. He was found as part of a collaboration between the Anti-Terrorism Service (DAEEB) and the Attica Security Directorate, along with a 34-year-old citizen who was also arrested.

In the case filed against them, in some cases for robbery or for intent to rob, resistance, violation of laws on weapons and drugs, there is another person whose details have been established and who is wanted. As it turned out during the investigation, the arrested and wanted person had committed 3 cases of robbery of bank branches in the areas of Attica over the past two months. During the investigations, a total of the following were found and confiscated from their possession and home:

  • Kalashnikov assault rifle with magazine and 26 rounds of ammunition,
  • 19 rounds of ammunition for a combat rifle,
  • 2 pistols with magazines for 11 and 14 rounds respectively,
  • 3 pistols with magazines and 28 cartridges,
  • revolver with 6 cartridges,
  • rotary magazine and 141 cartridges,
  • nylon package containing 36.67 grams of heroin,
  • mobile phones, sim cards, money and handwritten notes.

It is worth noting that the 33-year-old citizen, from 08/02/2021, violated the terms of the next leave from prison, where he was serving a long-term prison sentence (46 years and 5 months) and was wanted. Those arrested were brought to the prosecutor of the Athens Plenary Court, and he was brought to the department of execution of punishments of the Athens Appeals Prosecutor’s Office. The investigation is ongoing.”

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