April 16, 2024

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Easter emergency benefit: what the government plans, beneficiaries and amounts

Government finance staff are working on the possibility of providing a social solidarity benefit to vulnerable households at Easter, similar to the benefit paid at Christmas.

It seems the chances of giving extra Easter money to those in need are very high. It is noted, of course, that this is not a final decision, but a scenario that is being carefully considered by the government this year. Minister of National Economy and Finance Kostis Hatzidakis said: “We fully understand the needs caused by inflation. We are assessing the request and trying to find the necessary financial space to protect our most vulnerable fellow citizens, but without demagogy and without compromising the financial stability of the country.”

Emergency Easter aid will presumably be issued in April, subject to the available budget. Main beneficiaries:

a) 1,055,000 low-income pensioners:

  • Help: 150–200 euros.
  • Requirement: basic pension up to 700 euros.

b) 800,000 families with children:

  • An additional month and a half payment will be issued.
  • Prerequisite: Approved Application A21.

c) 210,000 vulnerable households:

  • Beneficiaries: Recipients of the Minimum Guaranteed Income (EEE-KEA)
  • An additional 50% of the monthly benefit will be given.

d) 225,000 people with disabilities:

  • Help: 150–200 euros.

Tax revenues are forecast to reach €63 billion this year (€61.3 billion in 2023). The figures show the budget is off to a “good start” as taxes collected in January exceeded the budget target by €339 million. The additional levies will enable the government to begin implementing some emergency support measures for vulnerable social groups before Easter.

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