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Clean Monday: Greeks plan to spend a 3-day weekend outside the city, pre-booking has reached 90%

Residents of Greece, who have already taken care of accommodation in one of the popular tourist destinations, are looking for an opportunity to escape from the daily hustle and bustle ahead of the three days off, from March 15 to 18.

For short-term rentals in popular destinations, pre-booking rates exceed 90%, according to data collected from short-term rental platform Airbnb and reflected in a recent report by E-Real Estates, Patras and Xanthi.

Patras is the leader of the “carnival” trend. WITH mid-January, the city records high advance booking rates. There are currently only 32 properties available in the municipality of Patras. Rental prices for a house suitable for a family of 4 or a group of people start from €1,013 for a three-night stay in Patras and from €860 in Xanthi.

There are currently 465 properties on short-term rental platforms in the Achaean capital, an increase of 15 in the last 20 days. This is expected due to high demand from travelers wishing to take part in carnival activities and especially big night parade.

“Many three-day visitors choose areas within a kilometer, 20-25 minutes from Patras, where there are affordable options for both families and young people, areas such as Logos, Arachovitika and Aigio. Although, according to data recorded in recent years, many choose the Nafpaktos and Antirrio area,” states the President of the Panhellenic Real Estate Network E-Real Estates, Themistoklis Bakas. High mobility is also observed in “carnival places” such as Xanthi, where rental prices for 2 nights range from 236 to 450 euros.

Concerning popular winter destinations, then pre-orders are recorded at more than 80%. In Arachova they reach 80%, rental prices for three nights start from 511 euros, and availability is only 46 properties.

In Kalavrita, pre-bookings are up to 85%, with just 17 properties available on short-term rental platform Airbnb, with prices starting from €560 for three nights in a residence suitable for a family of four or a group of people.

Advance bookings reach 84% in Dimitsana, where only 4 properties are available for rent starting from 711 euros, and in Karpenisi 92%, with prices starting from 341 euros for three nights.

Arcadian directions also are the favorites for three days of Clean Monday. Since mid-January, advance booking rates have been satisfactory. There are practically no vacancies in Levidi (86% booked), and prices start from 635 euros. Prices are also high in Vytina from 564 euros, in Stemnitsa from 550 euros, in Zatuna from 477 euros and with a pre-booking share of 86%, 75% and 73% respectively.

At the same time, in the mountain destinations of Magnesia, the level of advance reservations ranges from 56% to 74% in Makrinitsa and Portaria, respectively. Rental prices start from 447 euros for three nights. Kalambaka and Trikala recorded advance booking rates of 83% and 71% respectively, with rental prices starting from €282 and €212 respectively for three nights in a residence suitable for a family or group of four.

Ioannina experienced high housing affordability and almost zero mobility until mid-January. There were 86 houses available in the city, and 98 in Kalambaka. Now the picture is completely different: in Ioannina, availability has dropped to 24 properties, and in Kalambaka – to 45 houses.

In Kalamata, pre-booking rates reach 61%, with 115 independent properties available for rent. In total, the city has 572 properties listed on the Airbnb platform, and 718 independent properties on short-term rental platforms. The cost of renting a house for three nights ranges from €212.

Nafplion, a year-round destination, has a pre-booking rate of 62%. The dynamics of the short-term rental industry in the wider center includes 337 properties. Rental prices for three days start from €257 in apartments suitable for a family of four and/or a group.

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