April 16, 2024

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There was a proposal to increase the minimum wage to 908 euros from April 1

An immediate increase in the minimum wage to 908 euros per month and the restoration of its determination within the framework of the National General Collective Labor Agreement is the proposal of the General Confederation of Greek Workers (ΓΣΕΕ) in the context of consultations on the size of this year’s increase.

All bodies involved in the process of determining the new minimum wage were required to submit their reports to the Ministry of Labor in accordance with the established procedure by today.

“In 2023, the average full-time salary is estimated at 1,443 euros per month. Moreover, 60% have 866 euros (which is the relative poverty line). Moreover, taking into account productivity growth in 2023 and projected inflation for 2024, the minimum wage must rise to €908 to effectively protect its recipients from falling into the relative poverty trap,” notes ΓΣΕΕ management.

“The proposal to increase the basic wage by approximately 128 euros per month is justified by high inflation, long-term and cumulative loss of purchasing power, based on the goal of trade unions. This is to ensure conditions in which no worker receiving the minimum wage should be left behind poverty line, to have a decent standard of living for yourself and your family,” the unions’ statement emphasizes.

The need for a significant increase in the minimum wage is also justified by Greece’s particularly poor performance, reflecting the living standards of workers and households with the lowest incomes.

It is characteristic that in 2022 the country ranked fifth among member countries EU By percentage of workers at risk of poverty, and its rating even worsened compared to 2019. The percentage of citizens who were in conditions of severe material and social deprivation was 44.5%, reports insider.gr.

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