April 16, 2024

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Greece prepares interactive digital map for culinary tourism

The Ministry of Tourism is preparing a platform with an interactive digital map for culinary tourism in Greece. According to representatives of the ministry, the platform will contribute to the diversification of tourism offerings, as well as the interconnection between destinations.

The interactive platform project was announced by Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni at a meeting with President George Kavvatas and Secretary General Yanis Daveronis of the Panhellenic Federation of Restaurants and Related Professions on Monday.

For its part, the POESE Federation said that among the issues discussed on the agenda were the renewal of the Greek Cuisine Label for the certification of Greek restaurants and the general modernization of culinary tourism through the Development and Sustainability Fund. Particular emphasis is placed on promoting Greece as a top culinary destination for the domestic market, but especially for guests from abroad, as well as increasing industry collaboration with local Greek wineries.

Ms. Kefalogianni stated that the Ministry of Tourism is working to increase awareness of agritourism and culinary destinations and activities, which will significantly contribute to the diversification of the tourism offer, as well as the interconnection between destinations.

The President of POESE indicated to the Minister that every proposal promoting Greek gastronomy and tourism in general “finds our full agreement and readiness to contribute in all possible ways.”

Similar attempts to promote Greek cuisine online to locals and visitors from abroad were made a couple of years after the economic crisis of 2010. Platforms were created and then abandoned… Maybe this time the government will take the issue seriously.

In the meantime, our readers can get acquainted with Greek cuisine from our publications in the section “Food and drinks”.

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