April 16, 2024

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Heraklion Airport is closed from today until Saturday

From 10:30 on February 19 to 12:00 on February 24, Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis Airport will be closed. To serve passengers, the number of flights to/from Chania and Sitia is increasing.

The reason for the closure of the airport was the laying of pavement in an area of ​​approximately 700-800 meters on the main runway. Head of Giorgos Pliakas Airport, writes newsbeast.gr, noted that with the new surface and those areas that were renovated in previous years, the airport will have, in fact, at least half of the new runway.

Mr. Pliakas also noted that the choice of this period for work was not accidental, since this is the week with the lowest passenger traffic of the year:

“There have been other modernization projects at the airport, both with central air conditioning and new buses that will take passengers to the planes. Considering that this airport has a specific end date, I think what we are doing is very important step to be able to serve passengers better until we move to the new Heraklion International Airport in Kasteli, where we will serve them much better.”

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