July 14, 2024

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French farmers no longer block roads (video)

French farmer unions have announced an end to blocking roads leading to major cities.

How reports Euronews, the two largest farm unions announced the suspension of the protest and the unblocking of roads after the government of Gabriel Attal announced comprehensive measures to support farmers. President of Jeunes Agriculteurs Arnaud Guyot stated:

“Given the latest government announcements, we have decided to change our actions for now. We plan to move on to new forms of protest.”

The unions announced that the road blockades would end subject to “prompt written notification” specifying all the government’s commitments. The French government promised:

  • provide farmers with financial assistance in the amount of 150 million euros;
  • reduce taxes on farms transferred by the older generation to the younger;
  • the desire for food sovereignty in France will be enshrined at the legislative level.

The government said France would continue to oppose the signing EU free trade agreements with MERCOSUR countries (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay). Agriculture Minister Marc Fesno also announced a two billion euro package for those starting out as farmers.

After listening and discussing the government’s proposals, the trade unions announced that they were suspending the action, but were ready to resume protests if the authorities failed to fulfill their promises.

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