July 14, 2024

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Biden decided to avenge the 3 Americans killed in Syria

President Biden posted a photo of a situation room discussion with members of his national security team, including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who has returned to work after being hospitalized, about developments in the deadly attack on a US base in Jordan. “As I said, we will settle accounts with those responsible at the time and in the manner that we choose,” the US President said

US President Joe Biden has decided he will respond to a drone attack on a US base in Syria that killed three US soldiers and wounded 34.

The attack was carried out by Iran-backed militants and was the first with American casualties since the war between Israel and Hamas began. According to reports in the last 24 hours, the US President is weighing options for response as the White House aims to respond strongly without leading to all-out war in the region and direct conflict with Iran.

BREAKING: Three American soldiers were killed and 34 were injured in a drone strike on an illegal US base in Syria. Not in Jordan, as the Pentagon claims. There is no need to come to Syria to steal oil and die for Israel. It’s time to go home!

According to analysts, the intention of Joe Biden, who pursued a strategy of withdrawing the United States from the Middle East before the start of the war in the Gaza Strip, is to “to restore a sense of containment that has simply been lost in the region for months.”

The US president, speaking to reporters, refused to provide more details about the impending strike, but, apparently, the decision was made after consultations with his top advisers in the White House. According to him, the US “There is no need for a wide war in the Middle East.” “This is not what I strive for”he added.

When asked if he had already decided how to respond to the terrorist attack, Joe Biden answered in one word: “Yes.” Asked whether Iran was responsible for the attack on the US base, Biden added: “He is responsible in the sense that he supplies weapons” those who carry out attacks.

US President Joe Biden said that he has decided on a response to the attack on the American base in the al-Tanf area on the border of Jordan and Syria, Reuters reported.

However, he did not explain what kind of retaliatory measures the United States could take, emphasizing that Washington does not seek to expand the conflict in the Middle East. Reuters also reports that Biden faces pressure “hawks”, which demand a strike on Iran.

Analysts and economists have expressed serious concerns that the US response could provoke a general conflict. In their opinion, this is a “new black swan” in the oil industry. Depending on whether the US escalates the situation by attacking Iranian territory or responds through other means, we could see an average oil price of $85 per barrel in 2024. Moreover, the upper limit of oil price estimates could well rise to $90-$95 in the short term, according to a Forbes article.

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