June 25, 2024

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L. Gavalas on the adoption of children by homosexuals: "a child needs a mother and a father – it makes me crazy that suddenly all LGBT people want children"

Famous fashion star Lakis Gavalas with new statements he opposes the right to procreate for gay couples and, as he rightly says, “A child needs a mother and a father, I’m going crazy because everyone suddenly wants children.”

Lakis Gavalas is a very intelligent person who has always been distinguished by the courage of his convictions. He knows full well that any cruel events that happen to children adopted by homosexual couples will bring shame to their entire community. They will tarnish the identities of people who had other choices about how to live their lives, but will have nothing to do with what will happen because of the bill that the Mitsotakis government wants to introduce, which will completely change the way they live.

The designer spoke on camera about the show “Amino”: “When I last visited the refugee girls in Mytilene, I saw how little children cling to their mothers and how they treat their fathers. I saw two little children whom I wanted to take home, but at night I had nightmares . I discussed this with my psychoanalyst friend and we said that a child needs a mother and a father. It infuriates me that all of a sudden we all say we want children.”

He continued his statements by saying: “Let’s first start a normal family, burp it, and then think about whether we should have new children and under what conditions. I’ll get a dog to order and I will feel awkward if I don’t have a child to order. Should we see this surrogate mother for who she is? Especially now that she’s like, ‘I needed the money, I finally did this favor, and now I’m being judged.'”

Lakis Gavalas continued: “Children are being raised online, so we don’t know the circumstances that make them this way. Don’t pay attention to the laws, the laws come later. We have a problem of sustainability, crime. Let’s see what happens to them and then see how we can have children. Why do we end up having children? Because it’s a time phenomenon or what?”

Finally, Lakis Gavalas said: “I have friends abroad who have divorced. Same-sex couples, when and if they divorce, are unfortunately a big problem. I have yet to see a child with gay parents, and I haven’t really changed my mind, but I’ve become a little more lenient in my beliefs.”

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