July 14, 2024

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If “something goes wrong” (video)

The “collapse” of Ukraine’s defense may require extreme measures – the deployment of a NATO contingent to the territory of Ukraine, a British military expert believes.

How tells BB.LV, London’s Sky News channel published an analysis by RAF Vice-Marshal Sean Bell. The expert believes that both Russia and Ukraine suffer from a lack of ammunition. But the Russians have greater resources and, moreover, the ability to destroy the production capacity of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex, which takes months to create, “with one blow.”

It should be noted that the rhetoric of the British press has undergone changes. If earlier the need to support Ukraine was determined by the fact that after the victory in Ukraine Russia would launch an “invasion of Europe,” now Western analysts no longer build cause-and-effect relationships between these events. Sean Bell, for example, states:

“An emboldened Putin may not become a threat outside Ukraine in the near future, but a victory in Ukraine will inevitably have long-term consequences. And what will China – with an eye on Taiwan – do in the event of such a victory?”

Meanwhile, retired Armed Forces Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, in an interview with TalkTV, allowed the entry of a NATO contingent into Ukraine if “something goes wrong.”

Photo above: Children’s medical center destroyed in Kharkov.


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