May 25, 2024

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Disgrace: they fought… because of the cross

An incredible incident happened at Epiphany. When the priest threw the cross into the water, a group of people who were waiting for this moment in the river under the bridge turned the “godly” deed… into a fight!

A comic-tragic incident occurred in Trikala. The cause was a group of young people who found themselves in the icy waters of the local Litheos River. When the Holy Cross was thrown from the central bridge, men rushed to grab it and a real fight broke out.

According to, although the cross was first caught by one of the men who dived into the icy water, others pounced on it to take it away and began to grab each other’s hands. Watching this obscene incident, a crowd of people, including the Metropolitan of Avlon, Mr. Christodoulos , said through the microphone, “they’re going to kill each other.”

A “hand-to-hand fight” almost broke out, but, fortunately, in the end everything ended quite peacefully. It is noted that both local residents and visitors expressed strong dissatisfaction with what happened, since the ceremony was also attended by small children who unwittingly found themselves in front of a scene of violence at the peak moment of the religious holiday of Epiphany.

Let us remind you that on January 6, Epiphany (Θεοφανίа) was celebrated in Greece. The rite of blessing of water in Greece attracts many people. There are always brave souls ready jump into icy water after the cross, as this is considered a godly act and brings blessings, health and good luck for the whole year.

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