May 27, 2024

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Not everyone has a happy Christmas – for some it takes their lives (video)

A Christmas tree at a Christmas market in Belgium collapsed, killing a woman and injuring two other visitors.

BB.LV tellsthat a Christmas tree in the Belgian town of Oudenaarde fell during bad weather. A CCTV camera impartially captures a 20-metre high Christmas tree slowly tilting and falling next to a holiday market.

The victim of the incident, according to a representative of the prosecutor’s office of the province of East Flanders, was a 63-year-old city woman. Two passers-by were slightly injured. He noted:

“The investigation will focus on whether the tree was securely fastened and will also look into the effects of weather.”

Storm Pia swept through western Europe, disrupting traffic in the UK and the Netherlands the day before and then hitting western Belgium. The country’s meteorological service has issued a yellow warning for coastal areas.

The storm also caused the death of one person in the Netherlands – a tree fell on the injured woman, and she died from her injuries in hospital.

Previously, we told how on November 29, a strong gusty wind knocked down a Christmas tree 12.19 meters high. installed in front of the White House.

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