June 25, 2024

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Shooting in Thessaloniki – an Albanian opened fire on his compatriot

Scenes of the “Wild West” shooting unfolded shortly after 10pm on Tuesday (12/19) in the Ambelokipi area, western Thessaloniki, when a black jeep carrying three Albanians pulled up outside a cafe at the intersection of Ambelon and Colonel Tryzi streets.

According to initial information, shortly after 22:00, someone opened fire and wounded the victim in the leg, who knew the perpetrator and provided his information to the police. Both individuals are of Albanian descent. An ambulance rushed to the scene, picked up the wounded man and took him to Ippocratio Hospital.

Of particular concern is the fact that this incident is almost identical to the Ghazi incident. And again, over a trifle, an armed conflict broke out on the Greek streets.

The people in question reportedly had a verbal incident with a group of four people – reportedly of Albanian origin – who were inside the cafe.


One of them pulled out a pistol and fired twice, wounding one person in the leg and body. According to the information, the victim allegedly knew the perpetrator and provided his details to the police. The “shooter” managed to escape in a white car.

There was great excitement in the area. People who found the victim bleeding on the ground told local media that he was bleeding profusely and was in serious condition. A shell casing from the attacker’s pistol was found at the scene. An ambulance was immediately called and took the victim to the Ippocratio hospital.


Police forces from ΟΠΚΕ, ΔΙΑΣ and Z-Team, as well as a team from the Northern Greece Criminal Investigation Unit, arrived at the scene of the shootout to collect evidence from the scene. Authorities have launched a manhunt to find and arrest the shooter. The victim and perpetrator appear to have known each other, and authorities are collecting statements from people present during the incident.

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