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Google: what were the Greeks looking for in 2023 – Sin Boy, Kasselakis and “why are the mountains black?”

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At the end of the year, Google publishes the most popular search queries in Greece for 2023. Data analysis reveals the “secret” of what was really on the minds of Greeks in the past year.

Which persons were most interesting to the Greeks in 2023, and what were the main questions that arose, was answered by the Google search engine.

Rapper Sin Boy tops the list of people who surprised the Greek public in 2023. There was a lot of hype around his name, even as rumors of his death began to spread.


He is immediately followed by Stefanos Kasselakis, who with his sudden incursion into the country’s political life has aroused the curiosity of Greek Google users. The situation with SYRIZA has particularly worried the Greek public.

1. Sin Boy
2. Στέφανος Κασελάκης
3. Οδυσσέας Σταμούλης
4. Αλέξης Γεωργούλης
5. Χάρης Δούκας
6. Κώστας Σλούκας
7. Νίκος Κοκλώνης
8. Andrew Tate
9. Δήμητρα Βαμβακούση
10. Έφη Αχτσιόγλου.

Third place in the list of most popular search queries is Odysseus Stamoulis. In 2023, the actor lost his 11-year-old son, who drowned while on holiday in Furnos, in Ikaria.

The number of searches for Alexis Georgoulis, whose name appeared in the sexual assault case, has also increased this year compared to last year.

Also in great demand was Haris Doukas, who beat Kostas Bakoyannis in the battle for supremacy over the municipality of Athens. In sixth place is Kostas Sloukas (due to his transfer to Panathinaikos).

The Greek public still seems to be interested in Andrew Tate, the only person on the list who is not from Greece. The British powerful man facing the most serious charges has aroused active interest among the Greeks.

The famous search engine also published data on persons who passed away in 2023. First on the list is actor Matthew Perry, whose death also seems to have captured the attention of the Greek public. He, along with Tina Turner and Ken Block, are foreign celebrities mourned by Greeks, among others.

In second place is Marianna Vardinogianni. Also on Google’s list is former King Constantine.

In addition, the world of Greek music has “lost” its favorite artists, the most popular among the Greek public are Yiannis Floriniotis and Lizeta Nikolaou.

Deceased celebrities:
1. Matthew Perry
2. Marianna Vardinogianni
3. Katya Nikolaidou
4. Former King Constantine
5. Ayas Mantopoulos
6. Mary Chronopoulou
7. Lizeta Nicolaou
8. Tina Turner
9. Ken Block
10. Yiannis Floriniotis.

The TV series most Googled by Greeks are “Black Rose” and “Trapped,” while “Survivor All Star” tops the list of reality shows.

TV shows/serials

1. Μαύρο Ρόδο
2. Παγιδευμένοι
3. Survivor All Star
4. Αυτή η νύχτα μένει
5. Το προξενιό της Ιουλίας
6.Dragon’s Den
7. Ο πρώτος από εμάς
8. Το ναυάγιο
9. Wednesday
10. First Dates.

The most common questions that Greeks turned to Google with are also related to diseasesthat probably scared the Greek public: botulism, streptococcus and leptospirosis.

The war in the Gaza Strip has also raised questions among Greeks, as “what is a kibbutzim” and “what is Hamas” seem to be frequently asked questions in Google search results.

In queries “what is this?” The following were in the lead:

1. Τι είναι η αλλαντίαση
2. Τι είναι ο στρεπτόκοκκος
3. Τι είναι η λεπτοσπείρωση
4. Τι είναι το 1237
5. Τι είναι ΛΟΑΤΚΙ
6. Τι είναι τα κιμπούτς
7. Τι είναι το Άσπεργκερ
8. Τι είναι το τόφου
10. Τι είναι η Χαμάς.

Finally, some questions seem almost humorous.

Question: “Why?”:

1. Why is my hair electrified?
2. Why do we fly kites?
3. Why do my eyes water?
4. Why is there war in Israel?
5. Why are the mountains black?
6. Why am I always sleepy?
7. Why is my period late?
8. Why do my fingers go numb?
9. Why do we fast?
10. Why do I feel dry mouth?

Question: “When?”
1. When does time change?
2. When does AEK play?
3. When is Black Friday?
4. When will municipal elections take place?
5. When does the triode open (τριώδιο)?
6. When do schools open?
7. When did the naval battle of Nafpaktos take place?
8. When is Halloween?
9. When will the market pass platform open?
10. When was the death penalty abolished in Kazakhstan?

The most popular searches for 25 years around the world

  1. Rock band: The Beatles
  2. Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
  3. Athlete: Cristiano Ronaldo.
  4. Grammy Winner: Beyoncé
  5. Fashion Icon: Rihanna
  6. Singer: Taylor Swift
  7. Sport: Football
  8. Video game: Minecraft
  9. Work of art (excluding plays): Mona Lisa.
  10. Activist: Greta Thunberg.

Let’s see what will interest the Greeks next year…

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