Will YouTube and Google be banned in Russia

Evgeny Prigozhin, the head of PMC Wagner, sent a statement to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov with a request to check the activities of the YouTube video hosting and block it: “During the CBO, an information war began on the platform, aimed at denigrating the image of Russia in the eyes […]

From Xanthi to Kalamata, Google is looking for female programmers… in Greek schools

The “Code Girls Μataroa” program, supported by the US Embassy in several Greek cities, allows female students to become experts in the field of programming. What does a ten-year-old girl know about HTML, CSS and Javascript programming languages? “A lot” is the answer if this girl participates in the Code Girls Μataroa program, a non-profit […]

Russian "daughter" Google went bankrupt

Google Russia has filed for bankruptcy, and soon Google may finally leave the country. The arrest of the Google Russia bank account led to bankruptcy, it made it impossible for the Russian office to function, retain employees and pay them. An application for recognition of the bankruptcy of the Russian “daughter” of the American corporation, […]

Russian Google on the verge of bankruptcy

Google has begun the process of bankruptcy of its Russian “daughter” “Google Russia”. The company’s bank account has been confiscated. The federal resource explains that the bankruptcy is connected with the arrest of the company’s bank account, which has been subject to record fines in Russia. The arrest made it impossible for the company’s Russian […]

Google fined for "fakes" about war

The Moscow World Court on Thursday fined the American corporation Google for 11 million rubles. The reason for the fine was the company’s refusal to remove allegedly false information about a special operation in Ukraine. Four million – for false information about the losses of the RF Armed Forces during a special operation in Ukraine […]

Google’s Greatest Achievement !?

Don’t laugh, but that’s exactly what Google said in a new promotional video for one of the device’s hardware features. And we are not talking about dust and moisture protection, a chipset or a smartphone screen. Throughout the video, Google reveres the device’s standard 3.5mm audio jack in the best traditions of former Apple chief […]

Google installs non-removable tracking app on Android smartphones without asking

Google is installing MassNotify on smartphones of users to track contacts with coronavirus patients. She does this without permission and notifications, and the application itself is hiding under a completely different name, which prevents her from being found and removed from the system. Google Spyware Google was caught in the forced installation of the MassNotify […]

New OAED – Google Program: Call for Applications Starting Today

From today 22/03 to Sunday 4 April, interested parties will have time to electronically apply for the Free Distance Professional Certification Program. In particular, as reported by AMPE, the acceptance of applications starts today at 15:00. The program is being implemented as part of the OAED-Google Greece collaboration to improve digital literacy, professional skills of […]