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Who is the Albanian who shot three Cretans?

Albanian media have revealed the identity of a 37-year-old Albanian bandit wanted by authorities for the shooting of three Cretans in Gazi on Saturday morning.

This is Nardi Izmet Idrizi, a well-known criminal in Albania, like his accomplice, arrested earlier, and it was he who shot three unarmed people in cold blood. According to reports, he was involved in robberies and was even deported from Greece twice. However, judging by recent events, he returned back without problems every time…

In particular, he is also known as Fatbard Idrizi; in August 2012, he robbed a gas station in Vlora, where he opened fire on a police car containing police officers Isuf Lamay and Besnik Brahimaj. His brother, Leonard Idrizi, was an influential gang member and was killed.

Article in the Albanian press:


Note that earlier the Greek police arrested one of the two Albanian bandits involved in the bloody attack in Gazi. We are talking about the second driver, whose name is Emiliano Yacupi, who was previously wanted – he is called responsible for the attempted murder.

The conflict occurred last Saturday, December 16, between a group of young people from Crete who came to Athens for a “stag party” – their friend was getting married on December 29 – and a group of Albanians who drove up in a black jeep.

How tells CNN Greece, a group of 6-7 Cretans were walking and passing on the street past various nightclubs. At about 03:00 on Saturday early morning they went into a store on Evadnisa and Piraeus streets, at about 06:00 they left and went to eat at a pizzeria located on Yahua Street, next to a famous nightclub.

A little later a black jeep pulled up. The car stopped a little further, two people got out and approached – one of them was identified as Nardi Izmet Idrizi and the second, whose name the police have not yet disclosed, hit a young man from the Cretan group, the rest reacted, and a fight ensued. As a result, Idrizi pulled out a pistol and opened fire in their direction.

As a result of the incident, three people aged 28-33 were injured, one was hospitalized in serious condition. All three are in G. Gennimatas with head injuries.

It is reported that the jeep was previously stolen and found in the Vrilissia area, and is currently undergoing fingerprint examination in the forensic laboratories of the Greek police.

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