March 1, 2024

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This year there will be no oil even for food – olive producers are in despair

Olive producers from the island of Crete call this a “disastrous” year for growing olives, emphasizing that this year “there will not be enough oil even for food” (the country’s own needs), since, as they say, “the harvest is almost completely destroyed.”

Today, olive producers asked for compensation as support in a rather difficult and unfortunate year (in terms of weather), who explained that after a huge reduction in advance assistance, the only thing that can help them is a decision on support from the state. Olive producers are desperate and are demanding compensation to survive.

Even for family consumption, this year’s olive oil harvest will not be enough. Farmers say that if they are not supported in some way, olive oil will experience a similar situation next year, given the lack of rain (and infrastructure such as a dam) to maintain the viability and yield of olives.

Olive producers today addressed the authorities of the Crete region and asked to initiate a compensation procedure for this year. The crop losses appear to be unprecedented and in any case, what will be harvested is not even enough to cover expenses (amid the reduction in advance payments of the one-time assistance they received in the previous period of time).

The farmers explained what could be useful for their survival: for example, support in the amount of 200 euros per hectare, which may not guarantee them comfortable conditions, but will certainly help them overcome the difficulties that have arisen.

Let us remind you that this year the price of olive oil has soared to 15 euros per liter. A Selling these products without accompanying documents is strictly punishable by law.

According to data, there are 30 million olive trees growing in Crete. Drought and the pest the olive moth have significantly reduced the harvest this year. However, exact figures will be known at the end of the harvest season, which usually lasts from November to January.

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