April 16, 2024

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Pastor Became a Model for Only Fans and Says She’s Now "feels closer to God than ever before"

A former sex model turned priest in Brazil is returning to modeling on OnlyFans, but says she now “feels closer to God than ever.”

Ana Akiva, 36, from the Fuxico Evangelical Church, said she did it with the idea that in the process “maybe go back to church.” I believe that creating sensitive content does not diminish me as a daughter of God or as a person.” Akiva told CEN, adding that she has resigned as pastor “out of respect for God.”

The transition was very easy for Akiva, who has already gained 100,000 followers over the years on Instagram. Before she connected her life with serving God, she was a sex model who participated in the Miss BumBum contest for the best butt.

Demonic bitch. She apparently forgot to read Romans 1.

“I began to realize that the church is a corrupt environment, even worse than the outside world, because they preach one thing and do another. Not all of them, but most of them are corrupt.”

Another reason that forced her to change her occupation was her priest husband, who, according to her, oppressed her: “When I got married, he forbade me from working outside the home or having friends. He lived for his family and church. It’s hard to be happy with a person who controls your life and never understands you, calls you trash, spits in your face. Many women go through this in church and suffer in silence, like me.”– she said.

She also said that “Increasingly, there are reports of women being victims of narcissists hiding behind religion.”

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