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Miracle mushroom weighing 10 kg

An amazing mushroom called pleurotas grew in Kozani. Perhaps the most famous representative of the genus πλευρώτους is the oyster mushroom – Pleurotus ostreatus. Usually the weight of this type of mushroom does not exceed 3 – 3.5 kg.

A mycelium with a total mass of 9.8 kg, which is a colony of a particularly tasty mushroom, was lucky to be found by a local resident who loves to walk in the forest. According to ERT, a miracle mushroom weighing about 10 kg was found on a tree trunk near Siatista, and “silent hunt” enthusiast Haris Kakulis spoke about a rare case when this species was found in nature (growing wild).


Many types of childbirth Pleurotus And Hohenbuehelia They are nematophagous, meaning they get food by eating nematodes (roundworms). The mycelium is dotted with tiny shoots filled with a powerful neurotoxin that almost instantly paralyzes small worms.

Pleurotus mushrooms obtain the main part of their nutrition by decomposing wood, sprouting in a dead trunk with thin branching threads (hyphae). However, wood almost does not contain some valuable nutrients, primarily nitrogen compounds. This stimulated the development of “predation” in this variety of mushrooms.

For hunting, microscopic processes are extended from the hyphae, at the tips of which spheres filled with toxin are formed. As soon as the worm accidentally touches such toxocysts, the poison is released and begins to act. In a couple of minutes, it paralyzes and kills the victim, the hyphae grow into its body and begin to digest.

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