March 1, 2024

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"Atlas of taste": The best fruits in the world are…

Greek peaches from Naoussa and tangerines from Chios entered the top ten “champions”. For the first time in the world, a juicy and fragrant peach from Naoussa received the award.

This year the fruit took 1st place in the list of 84 best fruits in the world according to the Taste Atlas publication. The top ten – among exotic and special fruits – also includes the “humble” Chios tangerines, whose unique aroma puts them in 7th place. Top ten best fruits in the world:

1. Naousa peaches

2. Mangosteen (Suda Islands)

3. Truskavka Kashubska (strawberry – Poland)

4. Deglet Nour (dates – Algeria)

5. Lucuma (something like an avocado – South America)

6. Limone di Sorrento (lemons, Italy)

7. Tangerines from Chios

8. Wisnia Nadwislanka (Polish cherry)

9. Acai Berries (famous acai berries, South America)

10. Jabuticaba (berry variety, Brazil.

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