Isolation for the unvaccinated, closed schools and masks ubiquitous: Karavelos’ shocking statement

New African mutation Omicron, which is more infectious than the currently dominant Delta mutation, could lead to the need for tougher security measures, says the chief physician of the intensive care unit of the Papanikolaou hospital. Speaking to SKAI reporters, Nikos Karavelos proposed tightening security measures to stop the pandemic and called for stricter measures […]

How much would a possible isolation cost in Greece and 8 other countries

UBS analysts ran a series of calculations to predict the “cost” of a possible lockdown in nine European countries, including Greece, after the measure was introduced in Austria. Such a scenario could lead to stagnation or even contraction of the eurozone economy this quarter. There will be implications for the European Central Bank, according to […]

Coronavirus: isolation nightmare returns to Europe

Restrictive measures are being reinstated by local authorities in parts of Europe amid the outbreak of a pandemic that threatens to darken Christmas. Austria: general isolation and compulsory vaccination Austria has announced a general quarantine for the entire population, including vaccinated citizens, making it the first European country to reintroduce such a measure to stop […]

Lockdown: restrictions in the “red” zones – only for the unvaccinated

The government is focused on taking measures to further strengthen the rights of fully vaccinated citizens in relation to the unvaccinated, investing even more in the tactics of separating categories of citizens. In particular, official government statements are expected to be made in the near future, since proposals have already been discussed such as lifting […]

How Athens residents survived lockdown, research

A study of the wastewater shows how the inhabitants of Athens endured the first isolation. The indicators for smoking, medication, and the use of antiseptics were taken into account. The EKPA study revealed a picture of the changing habits of the Athenians during the first isolation. The conclusions are presented in an article published in […]

Covid-19 outbreak in Artek

60 children and 16 counselors are in isolation in the Artek camp in Crimea, the diagnosis of coronavirus was confirmed in 12 schoolchildren who arrived from the Russian capital and the Moscow region, TASS reports, citing the words of the camp director Konstantin Fedorenko. Director Artek says: “We currently have 60 children in the observatory […]

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