March 1, 2024

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CNG o "tax attack" for freelancers

The new tax attack against freelancers promoted by the ND government’s bill is condemned by the KKE European Parliamentary Group in a question submitted to the European Commission by KKE MEP Lefteris Nikolaou-Alavanos.

The bill, which literally tightens the noose around the throats of thousands of self-employed professionals and scientists, was introduced by the government as part of the new state budget under the pretext “fight against tax evasion” aimed at increasing tax revenues from professionals, maintaining and extending tax benefits and tax breaks for large capital.

The bill provides for the establishment of a minimum annual imputed income of 10,920 euros (calculated as 780 euros of the minimum wage for 14 months) for all self-employed people, even in those years when they record losses. This “imputed” income will increase based on various criteria, such as 3 years of practice, up to €50,000. The change will result in an additional tax burden of more than €500, depending on a self-employed person’s income, and more than 6 in 10 professionals will pay increased tax, averaging €1,444 each, not including the unaffordable insurance premiums they pay monthly.

The government’s pathetic claim that “employers cannot declare less than their employees” closes his eyes to “social automatism” trying to blame the self-employed for “tax evasion” at a time when ND, SYRIZA and PASOK support legal tax evasion and voluntary taxation of economic groups at all costs.

Thanks to consistent government measures and directives EU, small businesses are taxed on the first eurofreelancers do not have a tax-free threshold, pay business tax and dozens of other indirect taxes, are burdened with forced costs for digital transactions, systems like “mydata”, etc.

With this law, the government aims to increase the tax burden on the backs of professionals and workers, collecting more than 600 million euros from low incomes, while monopoly groups (about 10,000 companies accounting for 0.2% of taxable income) owe 85 billion euros , which are even considered “hopeless”.

Already in Greece, self-employed professionals are in turmoil and protesting against the new tax raid, as well as the consequences of rising inflation and rising interest rates, which are dooming them to closure and bankruptcy, according to the EU itself.

In this regard, the KKE MEP posed the following question to the European Commission: “How she positions the fact that based on her guiding principles:

  • Exhaustive taxation of the self-employed is intensified at a time when they, in order to get relief, demand the introduction of a tax-free threshold of 12,000 euros, increased by 3,000 euros per dependent family member for the self-employed in Greece, the abolition of self-employment tax and bank fees for digital transactions;
  • increasing the number of tax breaks and introducing new tax breaks for large businesses, which spend the rest of their time engaged in robbery, while the self-employed demand that their profits be taxed?

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