June 12, 2024

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Weather: Cloudy Sunday with showers and falling temperatures

Tomorrow, Sunday December 3, the weather will worsen: there will be showers and thunderstorms. Dust from the Sahara will appear. The temperature will drop. Weather forecast according to the National Weather Service (EMY).

From late evening, eastern Macedonia, Thrace and the north-eastern Aegean islands (Lemnos and Samothrace area) will experience locally strong weather conditions. In other regions – cloudy weather, sometimes with local rains.

The wind will blow from the south, with strength from 4 to 6, in the Aegean Sea locally up to 7, and in the north at times up to 8 on the Beaufort scale. Gradually in the west, center and north it will become northern, from 4 to 6 points.

Temperatures will drop slightly in the north and range from 5 to 19°C; in the rest of the country – from 10 to 22°C.

Meteorological conditions favor the transfer of African dust.

Weather in Attica and Thessaloniki

Wind southwest, from 4 to 5, in the east up to 6 and at times up to 7 on the Beaufort scale. In the evening it will weaken and in the west will change direction to the north-west, up to 5 points.
Temperature aboutt 13 to 21°C.

Wind ntemporary, from 3 to 4 points. From the afternoon north/northwest, 4 to 6 Beaufort.
Temperature from 10 to 18°C.

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