May 30, 2024

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USA: the Christmas tree in front of the White House collapsed under gusts of strong wind (video)

On Tuesday, November 29, strong gusty winds knocked down a 12.19-meter-high Christmas tree installed in front of the White House.

However, within a few hours she again took her place, delighting those around her with her festive appearance, for which a crane was used, writes CNN Greece.

The lighting of the Christmas tree is an annual holiday tradition at the White House. The celebration is scheduled for Thursday, November 30th. This year, a new spruce was installed, replacing an old tree that, according to the meteorological service, had developed a fungus called needle cast, which caused the needles to darken and fall off.

It is unclear whether the planned celebration will take place on November 30, or whether the unfortunate incident will delay this process. Outside the US Capitol building, the Christmas tree was successfully lit on Tuesday, November 28th.

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