June 25, 2024

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Agia Sofia metro station opened in Thessaloniki, but only… for sightseeing

The authorities of Thessaloniki, having decided that it was necessary to somewhat weaken the negative public opinion regarding the main long-term construction of the Northern capital, opened one of the metro stations for excursions.

Hundreds of locals visited the brand new Agia Sofia metro station, climbed up and down the platforms and were stunned that despite spending time there, they…couldn’t leave. They all hoped that one day the project, started 36 years ago, in which billions of euros were invested, would actually come to life.

The official visiting ceremony was attended by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure and local dignitaries. The opening to the public took place as part of the city’s Open Day event, which provides free access to 71 public and private spaces of architectural interest, including monuments, schools, houses, hotels, offices and medical facilities.

According to rumors, the date of the proposed opening of the Thessaloniki metro has again been postponedthis time until the end of 2024, and, apparently, this is far from the last date.

PS Or maybe it would be better for tour organizers to show the residents of Thessaloniki those villas and mansions that, instead of the metro, were built by the people responsible for the construction of the metro in their city? Really, this would have been a much more educational excursion.

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