July 22, 2024

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Fire extinguishing exercises with an aircraft collision scenario at the El. Venizelos”

At the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” a training exercise involving the scenario of a collision between two aircraft was successfully held. The fire department released video footage.

According to the exercise scenario, “On November 22, 2023, an Airbus A320 of AEGEAN airlines, with tail number A3 9999, with a crew of 2 people in the cabin, 4 people in the passenger cabin and a total number of passengers of 54 people, took off from Heraklion to Lyon.

At 10:30 am local time, an emergency was declared due to severe turbulence during the flight, resulting in three serious injuries. A passenger was also reported unconscious. The control tower officer clears the plane to land in the western system.

On taxiway “A” in the western system there is an Airbus A319 of Volotea, tail number V7 2023, operating a scheduled flight on the Athens-Santorini route, with a crew of 2 people in the cabin, 4 people in the passenger cabin and a total number of passengers 30 people.

A Volotea plane cleared to take off from the runway collides with an AEGEAN plane while landing. As a result of the collision, both company aircraft were damaged, and engine No. 1 of the Volotea aircraft caught fire.”.

The exercise was successfully completed and is part of the exercises that Athens International Airport organizes annually to test the Airport Emergency Response Plan (AERP), test the effectiveness and efficiency of available facilities, test the responsiveness of systems, familiarize and train personnel in incident response and most importantly , ensuring a high level of cooperation between stakeholders to ensure the highest possible level of safety and preparedness.

Airlines AEGEAN and Volotea, as well as two ground handling operators, Goldair Handling and Skyserv, took part in the exercise for the first time.

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