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What now, negotiations? The USA and Germany “cut” funding for V. Zelensky

Every day it becomes more difficult for Ukraine to fight Russia, as its forces are depleted after almost two years of fighting and the West appears unable to support it with weapons.

An article in Bild entitled “New Secret Plan for Ukraine” shows what the future actions of the United States and Germany are in the war with Russia.

The US and German authorities want to force Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to begin negotiations with Russia, writes military observer Julian Roepke in an article for Bild on Friday, November 24, citing a single source in German government circles.

“Zelensky himself must understand that this cannot continue like this. Without any promptings from abroad. He must turn to his people with his own will and explain that negotiations are necessary,” – a source in the German federal government told Bild.

According to the same source, the plan being developed for Vladimir Zelensky does not involve directly convincing him, but consists of reducing military supplies to such volumes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) will only be able to defend themselves, but not attack. “The White House and the Chancellor’s Office are coordinating this issue,” – adds Bild.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that in Ukraine there is a growing number of people who consider territorial concessions to Russia in exchange for peace inevitable.

Let us recall that earlier this week Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he was open to negotiations and ending the war. “Russia is ready for negotiations. Let’s think about how to stop the war in Ukraine, because it is a tragedy,” – said the Russian president. He added that Russia is ready for negotiations, but once again blamed Ukraine for the fact that negotiations are not moving forward.

In turn, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that to end the war, Ukraine must give Donbass and Crimea to Russia. “If he has a specific peace plan, he can share it with me. Yes, we can stop this war if we give Donbass and Crimea to Russia. In my opinion, our country is not ready for such a peace plan. This is not a peace plan,” – said the President of Ukraine.

Simultaneously with the article in Bild, an interesting interview appeared, which was done by Ukrainian journalist Natalya Moseychuk with the leader of the Servant of the People faction in the Verkhovna Rada, David Arakhamia.

Arakhamia actually confirmed everything that Putin had previously said regarding the negotiations in Istanbul:

  • the purpose of the Ukrainian delegation was to stall for time;
  • The Russian Federation was ready to stop the war if one main condition was fulfilled – the neutral status of Ukraine (this is exactly the same requirement that was before February 24, if fulfilled, there would have been no Great War at all, but Ze demanded that Macron and Scholz themselves abandon Ukraine in NATO);
  • they didn’t sign because there were no 100% security guarantees (a weak excuse, what prevented us from agreeing on them in dialogue with our partners and stopping the war?);
  • Boris Johnson broke Istanbul! He said: “We won’t sign anything with them at all, and let’s JUST fight.”

And now: there is no NATO, there are no guarantees, there is no success in the counter-offensive. There is only “JUST war” and hundreds of thousands of thousands of deaths. Add to this the fact that Zelensky knew about the upcoming invasion, was warned by his partners, but calmed the people down by going to barbecues and did NOTHING to prevent a full-scale war.

It is safe to say that this war will go down in history as “Zelensky’s war.” He didn’t avoid it, he delayed it as best he could. The world that will be established after the war will bear the name of a different person – this is also practically predetermined.

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