June 14, 2024

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Tempe survivor sent to Boston on special flight

21-year-old Gerasimos, the only survivor of the first carriage of the fateful train in Tempi, was flown to Boston (USA) this morning on a special flight of the 110th Combat Air Regiment.

Gerasimos-Iasonas Georgiadis, together with his family and a team of specialized scientists, according to ERT, traveled to the United States today to undergo treatment at a specialized rehabilitation center in Boston. The goal is to receive specialized treatment and return to life, since his health is improving, but recently remains persistently severe.

The 21-year-old ΑΠΘ mechanical engineering student fought for his life, having spent nine months in the Larissa hospital, most of which in the intensive care unit, with a diagnosis of severe traumatic brain injury.

Last summer he was transferred to Hannover (Germany) to a special rehabilitation center, where he stayed, however, only 10 days, since a hospital-acquired infection during hospitalization in Greece could not be treated, so he was returned to the Larissa hospital. And now Gerasimos was sent to Boston.

Let us remind you that train accident in Tempe occurred on February 28, 2023. It was found that due to Due to the unqualified actions of the Larisa station chief, 2 trains were sent towards each other: intercity express Athens-Thessaloniki IC62 and freight train. The first two carriages with passengers turned into a pile of twisted metal. 58 people died. 54 people were hospitalized with serious injuries. The case caused wide public response.

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