July 19, 2024

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Rebrain Greece: digital platform for repatriation of highly qualified youth

The repatriation of at least 150,000 young people who left our country during the economic crisis that broke out in 2010, with high experience and qualifications, is the goal of the creation of the digital platform “Rebrain Greece”, which is due to open from the new year.

The platform is at the first stage of work: a number of companies are posting advertisements for the recruitment of specialized and qualified personnel. Minister of Labor Mr. Ad. Georgiadis believes the success of the project is extremely importantsince in recent years there has been a phenomenon where many highly qualified companies are unable to find managers and employees of certain qualifications.

It is expected that external funding will be a useful tool to strengthen the project. ΕΣΠΑas well as the Development Bank, which will support all enterprises employing Greek immigrants through a digital platform that will be created within the framework of the information system “ERGANI II” to develop a mechanism for strengthening talents and connecting academic workers living in Greece and abroad with work in highly qualified and specialized professions.

The digital platform will interact with the diagnostic mechanism labor market needs, the Independent Revenue Authority, as well as with any other body deemed necessary for its more efficient operation. The corresponding separate platform that is going to be created may have a similar interface Association of Greek Industrialists (SEB).

Registration of qualifications and skills will be carried out on the basis of the European Classification of Skills, Abilities, Qualifications and Occupations. In this way, measures will be taken to repatriate young people so that they can be identified and re-engaged in Greek business. The goal is to create a hub connecting the supply and demand of highly skilled workers, as well as stimulate regions of the country that have lost talent and workers.
Unemployed people on new matching platform will create their own individual account with their resume and skills. The data will available to employers looking for personnelso that the selection of specialists can be carried out automatically, as well as training consultants DYPAwho will be able to direct the unemployed to the type of training that suits them and that the labor market needs.

Every employer who hires a person is obliged, before the employee enters the service, to publish in electronic form the basic conditions for hiring the employee in the information system “ERGANI II”.

In addition, those interested can now search for professionals among hundreds of vacancies posted on the new digital platform. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to strengthen in practice the ability of businesses to find the specialists they need. At the same time, it expands employment opportunities for high-level human capital in Greece and abroad, providing the opportunity to fill hundreds of jobs in some of the largest industries.

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