May 30, 2024

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Roma are threatened: “If there is a war, we will go kill the Greeks”

The situation with the Roma riot following the death of a 17-year-old teenager who was shot dead by a policeman in Boeotia after a chase remains very difficult.

After a video with unprecedented threats from the Roma was published on social networks, it escalated even more:

“If there is a war, I will kill the Greeks. If there is a war, I will cut off the heads of the policemen,” – said a young gypsy in a video posted on TikTok. First, the still unknown man talks about the death of a teenager, then declares that he wants war, and that if it starts, then “We will be the first enemies of Greece. I will blow off the heads of the police.”

At the same time, a new round of incidents occurred on Tuesday night: dozens of Roma intensified their mobilization in connection with the fatal wounding of a teenager by a policeman in Boeotia and set up fire barricades in Megara, Thebes, Aliarto and Thessaloniki. Serious incidents occurred on the evening of November 13 in Megara, leading to the closure of the Athens-Corinth National Road for approximately an hour in both directions. The gathered gypsies set fire to tires and threw stones on the road, threatening the safety of passing drivers. A group of gypsies broke the windows of a bus returning from Nafplio. Frightened passengers left the bus, and the driver called the police.

Incidents in Thebes and Aliartos – the mayor of Aliartos was wounded

In the Thebes region, incidents involving gypsy groups are escalating. In Piri Thebes and on the “bridge of terror,” as they call the bridge of the Livadia-Thebes highway, at the Aliartu level, Roma gathered, set up barricades and lit bonfires to protest the death of the teenager. For the third day now, traffic on the Livadia-Thebes national road has been redirected along bypass routes, and reinforced police are closely monitoring the situation to prevent the escalation of incidents.

Young gypsies set fire to garbage cans and tires, creating a suffocating atmosphere in the area

The tension that reigned in Aliarto due to groups of people blocking the Thebes-Livadia ring road with fires can be seen in a video posted by the area’s mayor, George Dasiotis.

Scenes of chaos unfolded in Aliarto on Tuesday evening as the town’s mayor, Georgios Dasiotis, tried to approach the gathered Roma and calm them down.


The crowd threw bottles and various objects at him, as a result of which the mayor was wounded in the face and was taken to the Aliarto Medical Center for first aid.

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